A discussion on religion and public schooling

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Home Schooling Should Be Banned

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Homeschool Support Groups Support Groups. The following is a list of local support groups, many with park/play days, organized by county (we suggest that you. As a retiree, I have a special place in my heart for Monday mornings, because that’s when I would have had to go back to work if it weren’t for the joy of.

Introduction. In a recent discussion of the idea of tradition, R. J.

Religion in the Public Schools

Smith said: the rituals performed at weddings and funerals today contain many of the core symbols – and are designed to embody some of the most deeply held convictions – of the members of any society.

Geographic Area Serving: Jacksonville, North Carolina Description: Providing Christian group activities and support for homeschooling families. We are a "no pressure" group in which all our activities are optional. You decide how our.

The practice of homeschooling has essentially been around since the dawn of time. Parents and guardians have always took it upon themselves to teach the younger generation the knowledge that they have received through their many years of experience.

Choosing what type of school your child will attend can set their foundation for life, it can also set a precedent for you financially. Whether it’s public or private, here are the good and bad of both.

A discussion on religion and public schooling
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