Aesthetics of knowledge maps

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Immanuel Kant

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Associate in Arts - General Education Requirements Associate in Arts

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Are Paper Maps Obsolete?

The truth of the proposition that Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun depends only on the physics of the solar system, and not in any obvious way on human convention. Fallen Fruit Magazine- LOVE What the world needs now is love sweet love.

and fruit. Fallen Fruit Magazine, The “Love” Edition is a zine made by Fallen Fruit (David Allen Burns and Austin Young) It was a 3 hour collaboration on Natoma Street, San Francisco, California, on July 29,pm with Sites Unseen and everyone who participated.

The SteamVR Community. Today we're introducing an asset pack system to SteamVR Home. This means that content creators can share the assets from their maps with other creators, and other creators can utilize these assets (models, textures, particles, etc) when creating their own maps.

The team continues to work on updates to SteamVR Input, and we've made strides in the overall system and user experience. Recently, we've updated the SteamVR beta with an improved Controller Binding UI - making it simpler to rebind games that haven't implemented the new SteamVR Input API. The strong colors, intuitive logic, and simple aesthetic of transit maps make them powerful graphic tools.

It’s no surprise then that the subway map style has been applied to freeways before, often with beautiful results.

Aesthetics of knowledge maps
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