Airline reservation system

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What's in a Passenger Name Record (PNR)?

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Airline Reservation system

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What's in a Passenger Name Record (PNR)?

Overall Description of Online Airline Reservation System Project in Java: The Internet is used to interface between the Customer and Company representatives and the Online Airline Reservation System.

Key features at a glance ARD Web offers industry leading features and functionality covering the following areas: Air booking, pricing and ticketing. eLong reserves over hotels in cities across China. Book hotels with deep discounts, reserve China hotels online, book hostels, inns, beds.

eLong reserves over hotels in cities across China. Book hotels with deep discounts, reserve China hotels online, book hostels, inns, beds. CambodiaAngkorAirlines is Offering Cambodia domestic and international flights.

ONE Order will modernize the order management process in the airline industry and replace the multiple and rigid booking, ticketing, delivery and accounting methods, using the data communications advances made possible by the New Distribution Capability.

Airline reservation system
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