Beautify school grounds

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Oak Harbor Christian School

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Gardening program at Moton aims to educate students about plants, beautify school grounds

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In. The following article is from Greening School Grounds: Creating Habitats for Learning, Tim Grant and Gail Littlejohn (Eds.), New Society Publishers. The Canadian Biodiversity Institute would like to thank New Society Publishers for permission to use this article on our website.

Take the answers to these questions into consideration as you. We should all help to beautify the school grounds, obvious reason being, that no one likes being in a dirty environment. I mean, who would want to eat lunch near loads of garbage bags, or play sports on a field that smells like rotten eggs?

This spring, marigolds were planted on the grounds of the Robert R. Lazar Middle School. The beautification project was completed by eighth grade students from the Lazar Advisory Committee. Construction at Becton has been finalized for months, but ideas and plans for a more attractive school continue to develop.

Following recent internal improvements to the building, including a revitalized science wing and media center, students and faculty currently look forward to further enhancing the school’s outer appearance. “My dream is to make [Becton] look.

Beautify school grounds
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Gardening program at Moton aims to educate students about plants, beautify school grounds