Child safety

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Keeping Children Safe

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Child Safety Plan

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Safety Belts and Child Restraints

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Child Passenger Safety

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Safe Kids Worldwide is dedicated to protecting kids from unintentional injuries. We work to reduce traffic injuries, drownings, falls, burns, poisonings and more. Buckling up is the single most effective thing you can do to protect yourself and your passengers in a crash. It is extremely important to make sure all children riding in.

Our Child Safety section has more resources available to help keep children safe. To find various tools, tips, and resources on child safety. Visit our Child Safety Section. DFPS supports several child safety campaigns that can help you keep children safe in a variety of situations.

CHILD SAFETY FOR PARENTS The Child Safety Checklist is an opportunity to sit down with your child and discuss situations that your child might encounter. Dear Parents and Guardians, This booklet is designed to provide your child with basic safety information in a fun and interactive way.

Your child will learn safety rules for staying home alone. Learn about childproofing, fire safety, food safety, outdoor safety, internet safety, school safety, and more from the editors of Parents magazine.

Child safety
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Child Safety Seats Index & Overview