Cosmetology school

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Browse this page to learn about our cosmetology, manicuring and esthetics courses offered by our beauty academy. Call in Kalispell, MT. Want to become a cosmetologist, barber, esthetician, or nail tech? Learn from the best at Paul Mitchell Schools Learn more and find a school near you!

WELCOME TO AVALON SCHOOL OF COSMETOLOGY Mission Statement. The Mission of Avalon School of Cosmetology is to ensure the success of our graduates in the field of cosmetology or related discipline while providing an energetic environment that facilitates the confidence and skills necessary to attain success in their chosen field.

Simply speaking there is no real difference between cosmetology school and beauty school, except there may be a slight variation in the courses offered.


Avalon School of Cosmetology Advanced Beauty Education in Arizona, California, Colorado & Utah. Here, students can learn from licensed industry professionals who have years of experience working in.

Welcome to Trend Setters School, Cape Girardeau’s only accredited cosmetology and barbering hopebayboatdays.comTrend Setters has prepared hundreds of talented graduates to seek fulfilling careers in the dynamic beauty and barbering industries.

Cosmetology school
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Cosmetology, Barber, and Esthetics School - Tricoci University of Beauty Culture