Film analysis clockers directed by spike lee

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Examining The Films of Spike Lee

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We examine each and every feature length film Spike Lee has directed in the past 30 years. Examining The Films of Spike Lee. by Movie Mezzanine Staff crime dramas like Clockers, and nostalgic remembrances like Crooklyn.

Lee began bucking predictability with his second feature, the fabulous, brilliant and flawed hot mess.

Who's Who and Who's jew

Oct 19,  · Spike Lee’s Clockers uses the world of these drug-dealing pawns to ask some troubling questions in the framework of a genre film. But while he mostly gets the crime film aspect down, Lee exceedingly succeeds in posing the questions.

Jun 14,  · Watch video · Directed by Spike Lee. With Danny Aiello, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, Richard Edson. On the hottest day of the year on a street in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of Brooklyn, everyone's hate and bigotry smolders and builds until it explodes into violence/10(K).

Despite widespread acclaim the film was snubbed at the Cannes Film Festival, outraging certain Cannes judges; despite the accolades of many critics' groups, the film was also largely snubbed by the Motion Picture Academy, receiving a nomination only for Spike Lee's screenplay and Danny Aiello's performance as the pizzeria owner.

He Got Game is a American sports drama film written, produced and directed by Spike Lee and starring Denzel is the third of four film collaborations between Washington and Lee. Washington portrays Jake Shuttlesworth, father of the top-ranked basketball prospect in the country, Jesus Shuttlesworth, played by NBA star .

Film analysis clockers directed by spike lee
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