Netscapes initial public offering

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Netscapes Initial Public Offering Harvard Case Solution & Analysis

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Netscapes Initial Public Offering Case Solution, In Augustthe Board of Directors of Netscape faced a decision on what price to offer the shares of the company in its initial public offering (IPO).

Finance Individual Case Questions: “Netscape’s Initial Public Offering” SS13 You are responsible for handing in written answers to the following questions drawn from the case “Netscape’s Initial Public Offering.

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Netscape's IPO Anniversary and the Internet Boom Netscape held its initial public offering of stock 10 years ago Tuesday, a moment considered by many to mark the start of the Internet boom. Eric.

Netscape Initial Public Offering

The initial public offerings of Internet companies attracted a lot of public attention due to the fact that many institutional investors took advantage of the high returns that were characteristic for.

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Netscape’s most successful product was the leading client software program that allowed individual PC users to exchange information and conduct business over the internet, being the most user-friendly version of similar products.

Netscapes initial public offering
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