Nmsu graduate school thesis

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Masters in Education

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Spring 2016 Honors Graduates

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Graduate School Calendar

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Master of Science Degree Program – Requirements for Graduation

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The thesis must be danced to the graduate editor on or before the elements posted in the Graduate School Academic Context. The Graduate School at NMSU has established these Guidelines to maintain consistency of format. This handbook sets forth the thesis and dissertation (hereafter referred to.

The thesis must be submitted to the graduate editor on or before the deadlines posted in the Graduate School Academic Calendar. The thesis is not complete until copies have been accepted for binding by the binding section staff in Branson Library.

The final oral examination may not be scheduled until the graduate recital (with analytical paper) is completed or a final draft of the Music Education project or thesis has been approved by the candidate’s advisor.

Graduate Coordinator Kourtney Vaillancourt, PhD, LMFT, CFLE [email protected] Combined Masters Degree and Dietetic Internship Our program combines the dietetic internship with a graduate program leading to a Master of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences.

Graduate Degrees The links below go to the most recent information on the graduate degrees offered by the Computer Science Department. Previous years’ catalogs (including degree requirements) may be found at the NMSU Catalogs Page.

This form is found on the NMSU Graduate School Forms web page. Schedule Your Master’s Exam – Whether you write a thesis, complete a project or take all course work, you must schedule a final examination during your last semester of course work/research.

Nmsu graduate school thesis
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