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School Leaving Certificate (Nepal)

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School Leaving Certificate (Nepal)

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School leaving qualification

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The School Leaving Certificate

An Open Source Lover. School Leaving Certificate (S.L.C) Hamro English Boarding School, Itahari. The School Leaving Certificate, popularly abbreviated as SLC, is the final examination in the secondary school system of Nepal.

It is equivalent to GCSE [ citation needed ], the academic qualification in England. Write a Review View All Reviews Review of The Month Student Choice Review Guideline. Formal school education in Nepal officially spans a period of 12 years, at the successful completion of which a student graduates with a certificate of Higher Secondary Education (10+2).

School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam at the end of class X. School Leaving Certificate (Nepal) Save. The lora, popularly abbreviated as SLC, [1] is the final examination in the secondary school system of Nepal.

[2] It is equivalent to GCSE, the academic qualification in England. Every student must take this examination for completing the 12th grade of their study (according to new Education Act. A secondary school leaving qualification is a document signifying that the holder has fulfilled any secondary education requirements of their locality, often including the passage of a final qualification examination.

For each leaving certificate student, they obtain a certain amount of points coinciding with the results they received in their examinations.

School Leaving Certificate or the SLC examination holds one of the highest educational values for the students of Nepal. Some students take this exam as a bridge to .

Write a school leaving certificate nepal
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