Writing a ballad song nonstop

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Eleven: A Music Company is an Australian record label known for its small but successful roster, including Gotye, Missy Higgins & Silverchair. The King is gone, but the music and style is still alive.

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Elvis CD's, LP's, casettes & videos are still selling long after his death and there are even new releases every year.

"Layla" is a song written by Eric Clapton and Jim Gordon, originally released by their blues rock band Derek and the Dominos, as the thirteenth track from their only studio album Layla and Other Assorted Love Songs (November ).

Sample Ballad About Nature. One fine glorious summer day. I wandered the beach, much like a stray. I had with me no company. But I made friends that day.

Sample Ballad About Nature

Come on little lobsters, You can crawl with me. We’ll find buried treasure then we’ll sail the seven seas. The sands were hot, the sun shone bright. If you’re dipping your toes into the waters of poetry writing, the ballad is a good place to start, because the form is both basic and familiar.

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Whether you’ve taken literature classes, read poetry, or simply listened to music, you’ve probably heard or read ballads hundreds or thousands of times.

Writing a ballad song nonstop
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